Free email newsletter provider Zookoda rocks!

July 26, 2006
by js

Update: my company discontinued using Zookoda months ago, we switched to Campaign Monitor.

I’ve been playing around with Zookoda for a couple weeks now and we’re about to send out our first newsletter powered by Zookoda. Not that I necessarily want the Zookoda guys to take my advice, but they should be charging for this system, or keep it free up to 100 emails per month or something. Aside from a few shortcomings — poor documentation, limited control of template variables, limited reports, no convenient online search for users, only one feed can be drawn upon — the system is hands down better than most every other inexpensive hosted newsletter system I’ve tried… and I’ve tried many. Though not as feature-rich as some of the systems out there, Zookoda does a great job for a new tool. The UI is superb, better than 99% of the systems out there, ExactTarget comes a close second. I love that every page has a user feedback field (with no redirect, so you don’t lose the work on the page you’re using). User management, opt-in forms, templates, reporting, it’s all there. Try it while it’s still free.

NOTE: The app is ostensibly for sending a summary of blogs, but you don’t have to use the feed field at all. Really, it’s a fully functional newsletter email system.

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  1. July 31, 2006

    Jon, thanks for the post about Zookoda. Your comments re charging users, features and usability have been taken onboard – we are currently developing the next version of Zookoda which puts a whole new spin on email marketing and blog promotion. Kind regards Yorke Hinds, co-founder “Zookoda”

  2. August 16, 2006

    Jon & Yorke -

    I recently switched the non-profit blog I run ( over to Zookoda because I love the Zookoda features and interface.

    But now I’m terribly dismayed because Zookoda seems to be having some god-awful delivery problems.

    Worse, the whole customer service department has gone on vacation (or else they are swamped with other complaints) because I can’t get any explanation as to the problem or an expected fix date.

    I even sent an email to you, Yorke…

    You’ve got a great product, but you really need to work on your communication with the developer community. Bugs in your software are okay as long as they are acknowledged and addressed in an orderly and predictable fashion. Ignoring the problem just magnifies it.

    Can you PLEASE tell us what is wrong and what you are doing to fix it?

    I really want to stick with Zookoda, but at this point I’ve been reduced to searching the blogosphere for clues to the problem…

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