T-t-talking about c-c-conversational marketing

11 09 2007

FM Conversational Marketing SummitJust got home after Part I of the Conversational Marketing summit, will be there all day tomorrow. Scott Cook, founder of Intuit spoke, er, conversed, with John Battelle on Intuit’s market-winning popularity. And kudos to Battelle for acknowledging the date of the event — a date we should not forget — and the difficulty that some attendees may have had in traveling to the conference. Interesting tidbits:

  • Cook’s bad advice to Jeff Bezos: don’t include user reviews of products and books… who would be interested in reading those? As Scott said, it was a good thing Bezos didn’t take the advice
  • The three most important tasks a company should undertake:
    • Deliver a delightful customer experience
    • If you accomplish that, drive people to the web to convey their experience
    • If you do that too, then it’s possible to create other rich experiences for customers, such as Intuit’s (free) Tax Almanac.

Ask a Ninja at FM SummitAsk a Ninja closed out Day 1. That was when attendees got to ask THE ninja. Frightening stuff. I hadn’t watched Ask a Ninja in a while, but after seeing their presentation (my God, the carnage, the blood, the blood!), I went to their site to watch a few episodes. What a great success story of two guys going for it and making it.



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