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I know what they meant, but…

March 20, 2008
by js

Seth Godin recently wrote Why bother having a resume? and then went on to argue that job seekers would do better to have a great reputation and extraordinary letters of recommendation. “A resume is an excuse to reject you.” Note that Seth came to this insight after sifting through resumes of interns, ie, people that most likely don’t have enough job experience to write a resume.

I know what he means, at least I think I do — that marketers should position themselves as brilliantly as they do their products or companies — but how many of us are known outside of our companies, in our industries, or outside of our industries?

Cover letters and resumes are vital, in my opinion, for helping candidates stand out from the pack. But to toss out resumes altogether is just bad advice. Good resumes can differentiate candidates. All the other things he mentions, like blogs and letters of recommendation, can fill in the picture.

In other news, GroupSwim chose to insult their customers and their customers’ customers. Here’s the headline on their website:

groupswim tagline slogan

I know what they mean, but… let’s break this down. You’re saying that people are smart but they’re using dumb software. That means they’re dumb, or at best ignorant. And (here’s the kicker), you’re the dummy that picked it for them. You dumb, dumb, dumb IT person. Dummy.

Apologies to GroupSwim. I’m sure they’re smart folks, but they need a smarter slogan.

Rant over.

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