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Conversation kills

October 17, 2008

My colleague left disappointed on Day 1 of FM Conversational Marketing Summit, and I left early on Day 2. Did anyone leave the conference with a sense of how to do conversational marketing?

  • Most of the presentations I saw were quite high-level, whereas I had hoped to hear about innovative case studies.
  • The conversation with Evan Williams of Twitter was just odd and didn’t go anywhere. John Battelle asked feature/function level questions of Williams, but why devote so much time to that? Why not have asked about ways people are using Twitter to get their messages out and engage in conversations?
  • The panel with Digg,, and Cisco was vague. All three speakers would have been terrific by themselves speaking in-depth about one topic, but the format diluted any message from getting through. And like everything I heard, there was very little depth.

At the end of the day, I feel Atlassian has done a better job at so-called conversational marketing by being itself: non-marketing, open, transparent, and, um, conversational. Ironically, not being marketingish has served conversational marketing brilliantly.

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  1. Eugene permalink
    October 21, 2008 12:12 am

    Nice article. Thanks. :) Eugene

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