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Time for Episodic

October 22, 2008


A quick shout out to those hard working fellers at Episodic! I am thoroughly impressed. I keep telling people here about the app — about the great interface and ease of use. Hard to believe the application is still in the embryonic stage. :)

I have a little experience in the digital video world from my years at Virage (consumed, digested, and shit out by Autonomy during the bust). Virage was focused on the business-end of video deployment, but there was one serious flaw with the business model: bandwidth. There wasn’t a whole lot of bandwidth to go around, and so sharing video or using video in your business was pretty much out of the question. Eight years later, of course, bandwidth is ubiquitous for industrialized nations. Codecs have caught up, too.

The difficulty in the online video market is that it’s flooded with companies trying to define it. From the Netflix and Blockbusters, the Hulas and Youtubes, and the Brightcove and Mavens (now Yahoo). Everyone wants a piece of the action. But few, I think, have got right. Episodic is one of them.

  • Easy to upload and transcode video
  • Easy to create episodes
  • East to insert interstitials
  • Easy to syndicate onto other networks (via TubeMogul)
  • Great metrics

That’s not to say that I don’t have my list of feature requests! And while I know I won’t get everything, I can take heart that the folks there care — a lot — about their customers.

Hey, if you guys are giving out stock options, mind tossing a few shares my way? ;)

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