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Reaching the Summit 18 months later

December 10, 2008

Atlassian Summit

“Should we run an Atlassian User Conference?” I asked that questions last year, on St. Patrick’s Day to be exact, and the response was overwhelmingly YES. It’s been over 18 months, but we’re finally doing it.

In the time between first proposing the idea to actually executing on it, the customer base has nearly tripled. The Atlassian marketing team has done the same, which is good because we couldn’t possibly have put on an event as ambitious as the one we’re planning without the full support of our studly team.

In a past life I organized and ran a user group at a company with 50 customers. Atlassian has 260 times that number and 8 times more products. Not to mention that our customers live in more than 100 106 countries.

It’s not just the scale that’s daunting. The Atlassian community is vibrant, opinionated, and passionate about the tools they use to collaborate and develop, so we didn’t just want to run any ol’ conference. We needed something big and brash and fun. Well, it’s happening, it’s really happening.

Some people, inside and outside the company, have questioned our timing. Global economy, recession, gloom and doom. Yeah, it’s a scary time. We’re taking a gamble. But I believe deeply in our community. I also know that many companies are turning to Atlassian and companies like ours to find inexpensive solutions that allow them to do more with fewer resources. In some ways, as trite as it may sound, I think there may be no better time than now… to squeeze the most value out of the products you’re using… to maximize existing investments… to get more involved.

Well, as you can tell, I’m psyched. If you’re a customer or evaluating our products, I encourage you to check out the Atlassian Summit website to learn about the event. We’re holding it at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco (which, I’m constantly reminded of by Jay, was the filming site for The Game‘s opening sequence) in June 2009. Hope to see ya’ there.

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