How to use a wiki for marketing (15 ideas)

1 03 2007

Every marketing organization is resource-constrained when it comes to IT. The cool thing about using wikis for marketing is that they don’t require help from an IT person or web manager to maintain. Set it up, start collaborating online. Here are some ways that I’m using our wiki, and there are probably a dozen other items I’ve left off the list.

  1. Create a style guide
  2. As a way to distribute your vector artwork
  3. An extranet for your ad agency to exchange content, share comps, and final deliverables
  4. Collaborate on website content with peers
  5. Create a press page
  6. Write press releases collaboratively
  7. Document your processes (how do you upload a press release, write a blog, where is your booth property stored, where are your promotion codes?)
  8. Plan an event: all the details such as time, location, staffing, shipping, URLs, contact information, etc.
  9. Report the results of your ad campaigns
  10. Document every iteration you make on your Google Adwords campaigns so you can go back to them later and reverse your changes or understand why your campaign performed how it did
  11. Create a reseller partner wiki
  12. Jot down your ideas, collect your thoughts, write up a brilliant marketing strategy
  13. Share information about your competitors, their pricing, URLs, their strengths and weaknesses
  14. Distribute marketing materials to your sales team (we don’t actually have a field sales team, but if we did… this would be a good one!)
  15. Review, comment on, and contribute to your co-workers’ work on the wiki