Marketing tips abound for anyone who wants to make money online. However, how many of these tips actually work? This question is still up in the air, because everyone has their own opinion on what they think will work and what won’t.

Any industry, which heavily relies on technology also has huge changes year after year in how they market themselves to their customers. Marketing is one of the landscapes which changes so rapidly, that it’s hard to stay on top of the best practices from year to year. Here are 10 marketing tips for the internet marketer this year, depending on the current trends:

The biggest thing any marketer can do to improve online visibility is to have a strategy. This strategy is not just about what you’re going to market, but about how you plan to market it to your audience. Your strategy should include everything from search engine optimization to content marketing strategy to social media marketing. It’s important to identify each of these as separate areas in your marketing plan, because you need to focus on each separately. Your overall strategy will become clearer as you implement each, and you’ll be able to tell from the marketing trends which ones are working well for other companies in your industry.