Social media marketing, sometimes referred to as e-marketing, is the use of various social media sites and platforms to advertise a product or service effectively. Although the terms internet marketing and e-business are generally recognized in academia, social media marketing has become much more prominent for researchers and practitioners, even for business owners and entrepreneurs. With an estimated quarter of the American population using some form of social media for social communication, businesses can take advantage of the medium to advertise their products and services. One of the most important benefits to e marketers is that they do not need a large advertising budget to make use of social media marketing. Moreover, with a little research, it can be relatively easy to find out which social media platforms would be most effective in your particular industry.

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Facebook is a great way for a new brand to establish itself. The social media platform allows users to express themselves in a highly personalized manner and create networks based on common interests. However, unlike other social media marketing methods, Facebook is very visible to everyone who is connected to the site. This makes it a good place for brand creators to start when building a fan base.

YouTube is another great way to market a product and this strategy can work equally well for small, medium and larger businesses. As an additional strategy, some companies also use Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest as additional means of connecting with their audience. Whilst these platforms offer some value, they are significantly less cost-effective than Facebook. This is because Facebook has been reported to allow its advertisers to display their offers on a much more selective basis, which often results in a higher ROI.

A more cost-effective strategy is to target the segment of the audience that is most likely to purchase a specific product or service through online marketing. Facebook and YouTube are excellent platforms for this, as there are many more users logging on to these sites each day. However, it is important to remember that Facebook and YouTube are still relatively new and the audience of potential customers is likely to be younger and more affluent, so using these to promote your brand is not necessarily a guaranteed sales winner.

YouTube Marketing Social media is all about content and as a result, video is proving to be increasingly popular as a marketing tool. In order to make the most from a YouTube marketing strategy, it is vital that your company has an SEO strategy in place. YouTube is an excellent place to conduct research into the target audience and identify demographics, but it will be up to your social media marketing plan to create engaging content to ensure that your brand remains visible to the right audience.

Twitter advertising Social media advertising via Twitter has the distinct advantage of being able to target a specific, engaged audience. Unlike Google AdWords, the active engagement with a Twitter campaign is much higher. This means that while a Google AdWords campaign may drive a few thousand visitors to your website, using Twitter ads will ensure that your target audience engages with you and your brand. Twitter is also an excellent platform for testing the success of promotional campaigns and monitoring the results as well as tracking the engagement levels of your social media marketing campaign.